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    The Friendimal is innovative and unique like no other ride-on toy!


    The four factors in which it stands out are the key of its success:


    Play – Develop – Learn – Preserve


    Play: Its original and colorful design makes it very attractive for children who will soon recognize the whale as a new friend and will never want to get off once they have tried it. Their new buddy will help them run away their imagination and ensure endless adventures. With The Friendimal even a rainy day can be a fun day!


    Develop: While the children explore their surroundings in a new way, The Friendimal helps them develop new motor skills and improve their sense of direction while having fun.


    Learn: The Friendimal is a Whale and children love animals! This can give the opportunity to many parents to stimulate their childrenĀ“s curiosity about the whales and other animals and help them learn to care and love them.


    Preserve: The Friendimal has been designed to last a lifetime. Its high quality, non-toxic materials, ensure that The Friendimal will last for years preserving that the best value of the product (learning to be conscious of the existence of other loving creatures on our earth, to respect them and protect them) is transmitted to future generations.


    This is what makes The Friendimal the perfect ride-on toy!

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