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    Bontoy-The Features



    The Friendimal is fun to ride like no other ride-on toy!


    These are the features that makes it unique:


    – Multiple award-winning innovative design. Awarded with three international design awards: Red Dot Award, IF Design Award and Good Design Award.


    – High quality and toxic-free materials used in its production.


    – Fully tested, its smooth edges guarantees a safe play and it complies with all international and european safety standards.


    – Colorful. Available in four vivid colors.


    – Easy assembly.


    – Fun driving and easy steering.


    – Silent rubber wheels.


    – Back Handle for an easy carrying.


    – Adjustable height function for a longer use.


    – Robust. It can supports up to 100 Kg.


    – More than a toy. It helps children develop their sense of direction and improve gross motor skills while having fun.


    – Committed: a part of its profits is donated for the protection of whales and other maritime animals.




    Its simple yet innovative design converts The Friendimal Whale in the most original ride-on toy.


    Multiple awarded for its unique design, The Friendimal has been produced with the highest quality, non-toxic materials.


    The Friendimal is colorful. Available in four vivid colors, it will attract children´s attention, who will soon want to ride on it.


    And while the children have fun, The Friendimal stimulates their imagination and helps them improve motor skills.


    A new way for the children to explore their surroundings!

    Bontoy-The Features-Design
    Bontoy-The Features-Safety



    At Bontoy safety always comes first.


    Following this principle, the design of The Friendimal is rounded and free of sharp edges to ensure a safe play.


    And a safety ride is also guarantee as The Friendimal is robust (it can supports up to 100 Kg), it has been fully tested during the production process and it complies with all international and european safety standards (EN-71).


    Bontoy´s compromise with safety is also regarding the toy´s assembly and handling. The Friendimal could not be more easy to assemble and it is provided with a back handle for easy carrying and pushing along.




    The Friendimal is fun to ride and easy to steer.


    The secret of The Friendimal lies in its high quality wheels. High-performance and shock-proof rubber wheels make riding the toy so smooth and easy that even young children can effortlessly push and steer the toy.


    What´s more, The Friendimal is optimized for indoor use. Its high quality wheels leave no scratches and are completely silent, which means that children can enjoy playing indoors freely without parents or neighbours complaining!


    With The Friendimal, even a rainy day becomes a fun day!

    Bontoy-The Features-Easy Driving-2
    Bontoy-The Features-Easy Driving
    Bontoy-The Features-Longer Use



    The simple adjustable height function allows The Friendimal to be used much longer than other ride-on toys, or even be shared among children of different ages.


    The 2 height levels provided can extend the use of The Friendimal from 15 months to around 5 years.


    The included “height parts” are very easy to insert and can increase the sitting height by 4 cm, which may not seem much, but will be a world of difference for a child!

    Bontoy-The Features-Longer Use-2