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    Bontoy-The Concept



    Bontoy┬┤s first collection, The Friendimal, is a Whale.


    Unlike one might expect from their big body, whales mostly live from eating plankton and small fish, and have a very gentle character. As whales live far out in the sea, it is diffcult for children to experience what these wonderful animals are like.


    By playing with The Friendimal, children will soon become curious about these wonderful animals and probably learn and understand, at an early age, the importance of protecting and preserving whales and all other living criatures on our earth.


    Playing – Learning – Supporting


    Parents are giving their child an extraordinary value!


    Buying The Friendimal is not only giving a child a lovely toy to play with but also a powerful tool to help them learn the importance of animal protection and also contributing to support organizations dedicated to preserve and protect our oceans.


    Bontoy regularly donates a part of the profit gained from the sales of The Friendimal to the Whaleman Foundation in Hawaii. This non-profit organization is dedicated to the protection of whales and other maritime animals.


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    With The Friendimal contributing is easy!


    Join in and make a difference!