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    Bontoy is the leading brand of high quality ride-on toys.


    The brand “Bontoy” is composed by the french word “bon” (meaning good) and the english word “toy”. Together, they represent the mission of the company: to provide high quality, safe and fun toys for children.


    Bontoy´s philosophy is focused on parents and their child.


    “Give your child the best toy”


    So, just like parents will do, Bontoy strives to provide only the best toys to ensure the happiness and safety of your child. To achieve their results, Bontoy firmly pursue these key values in which they are based and in which they strongly believe:


    Innovation and Design: By going one step further to bring out products that are recognized for their outstanding design, improve daily life and minimize impacts on the environment.


    High Quality: By using only very high quality materials and carrying out numerous tests throughout the developing process to ensure the safe operation and durability of the toys.


    Safety: By producing products that are carefully tested and comply the European standard EN-71 safety requirements.


    Extraordinary Value: By developing toys that children can connect to stimulating their creativity and imagination while they improve motor skills.

    Bontoy-The Brand